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HARMAN Professional University Team


22 May 2020
HARMAN - Professional University

At AMX we take great pride in developing the best in technical training for our partners, distributors, and representatives. If we can be of any help in supporting your business, we’re always here, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and as always, thank you for your support.


Don't forget to check out The HARMAN Professional University YouTube channel. Our channel hosts all of HARMAN New Product Information training videos.

Scheduled Courses

ND232B: SVSI Designer | Networked AV Design for AV Professionals
26th to 29th May - 90 minutes per day - Online
2:00PM BST / 3:00PM CET

Explore the possibilities of SVSi Networked AV Solutions including designing a system. Topics will include network fundamentals, bandwidth calculations Network topologies, SVSi, compression and latency. This is a great class for Systems Engineers, Project Consultants, Technicians and more.


AMX | SVSI Configuration
1st to 2nd June - 90 minutes per day - Online
2:30PM BST / 3:30PM CET

This course will teach more advanced aspects of configuring and commissioning your AMX SVSI systems.


AMX | TP Control
2nd June - 60 minutes - Online
9:00AM BST / 10:00AM CET

Learn the historical context of TPI-PRO including the functionality and integration into larger HARMAN systems. Explore competitive analysis, suitable markets, and applications; and how to install TPI-PRO.


AMX | DVX Configuration
3rd June - 90 minutes - Online
10:00AM BST / 11:00AM CET

Learn how to configure the DVX-2265-4K and DVX-3266-4K using AMX’s mobile-friendly HTML5 web-based configuration tool.


AMX | Rapid Project Maker
4th June - 90 minutes - Online
2:00PM BST / 3:00PM CET

Learn how to use RPM to design, configure and deploy meeting room solutions using a cloud-based wizard approach to configuration - no programming knowledge required.

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Learn about our certifications including: Core Curriculum, Audio, Lighting, Control, & Networked AV.
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Classroom Schedules
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More at HARMAN Professional University

9 August 2021
New HARMAN Professional Training Sessions
Join our HARMAN Professional Audio Team for a series of training sessions which will cover a variety of markets, from Touring to Installation. Don't forget to check out the all new HARMAN Professional Training Program. Plain and simple, we’ve made it easier than ever to get the training you need, whenever you need it.
Installed Audio | High Impedance Circuit Workshop
12 August 2021 – 10:30 BST Duration 90 minutes
High Impedance Circuit Workshop
This live instructor led webinar will explain what High Impedance or 70V/100V loudspeaker systems are and how to design systems using these speakers, whilst dispelling some of the myths around the use of these loudspeaker systems.

AVIXA RU Credits – CTS 1.5, CTS-D 1.5, CTS-I 1.5
AKG | Wireless Technology Module 2 – Antenna Design
19 August 2021 -10:30 BST Duration 90 minutes
AKG | Wireless Technology Module 2 – Antenna Design
This Live Instructor-led webinar will cover different types of antennas and how to properly design an antenna system for successful wireless microphone deployment.

AVIXA RU Credits – CTS 1.5, CTS-D 1.5, CTS-I 1.5
JBL | VTX Line Array Calculator and Performance Manager – Module 3
26 August 2021 10:30 BST Duration 90 minutes
JBL | VTX Line Array Calculator and Performance Manager
This Live Instructor led webinar will cover Line Array Theory and advanced use of LAC and PM, allowing for system designers to make more informed decisions about how JBL VTX Line Array Systems and Subwoofer Arrays should be placed in venues and aid the optimisation of these arrays for their best possible performance, including NEW unreleased features.

AVIXA RU Credits – CTS 0.75, CTS-D 0.75, CTS-I 0.75