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HARMAN Professional University Team


21 December 2018
HARMAN - Professional University

Greetings on behalf of the HARMAN Professional University Team. We take great pride in developing the best in technical training for our partners, distributors, and representatives. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to be successful and to support you for as long as you need us. One of the ways we are furthering our commitment is through monthly emails like this one that are short reminders of who we are, when and where you can find us, and resources you may be interested in learning more about. Should you ever need us, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and as always, thank you for your support!

control multicast traffic at the interface level, leading to higher infrastructure and design requirements. With enterprise grade switches, designers can fully utilise the IGMPv2 protocol to allow for reduced bandwidth requirements and ultimately a more cost competitive solution. For more information, join us for an upcoming Networked AV Design Course.
Spotlight Q&A
With the range of products offered by the 11 HARMAN Professional brands, how is the program organised?
The sheer number of product categories we offer makes it challenging, but also fun. We have divided our curriculums into four … continue reading.
In 2016, the certification program went from a single achievement tier into a multi-tier program. Remind us why you went down this path?
If you were to assess your employees or coworkers, I think most of us would conclude that there are different skill levels amongst our teams. Some… continue reading.
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Congratulations to our latest attendees who achieved certification in the following fields:

HARMAN Certified Audio Professional | Programming (HCAP-P)

  • Tiago Borges – Blacka Group (UK)
  • Chris Cottam – Connect Programming (UK)
  • Antony Price – HARMAN Professional (UK)

HARMAN Certified Control Professional - Commissioning (HCCP-C)

  • Laszlo Cserni – DNN Professional Graphics Ltd (Hungary)
  • Kenny Dodd – AVMI (UK)
  • Jason Lapthorne – HARMAN Professional (UK)

HARMAN Certified Control Professional - Design (HCCP-D)

  • Akos Szabo – BT Services SA (Hungary)
  • Sebo Laszlo Szilagyi – BT Services SA (Hungary)
  • Bianka Runda – BT Services SA (Hungary)
  • Gyula Horog – BT Services SA (Hungary)
  • Adam Urbanko – BT Services SA (Hungary)
  • Aymen Mahmoudi – Mediacom SA (Tunisia)

HARMAN Certified Control Professional - Programming (HCCP-P)

  • Dominik Obuchowicz – Group AV (Poland)
  • Cecilio Rodriguez – Audiovisual Control Soft S.L.U (Spain)

HARMAN Certified Networked AV Professional - Commissioning (HCNP-C)

  • Domien Kwapsen – ColruytGroup (Belgium)
  • Dennis Ihde – Tascan Systems GmbH (Germany)
  • Markus Engelen – Tascan Systems GmbH (Germany)
  • Juergen Schenk – Audio Pro Heilbronn (Germany)
  • Matthias Traenkle – AVS Systeme GmbH (Germany)
  • Andy Bodger – AVI-SPL Limited (UK)
  • Jason Lapthorne – HARMAN Professional (UK)
  • Nicolas Jaud – UK
  • Nathan Scott – Reflex Ltd
  • Lance Kirlew – Smartcomm Ltd (UK)
  • Stuart Morley – AVI-SPL Limited (UK)
  • Paul Warden – AVI-SPL Limited (UK)

HARMAN Certified Networked AV Professional - Design (HCNP-D)

  • Jacques Marendaz – Arocom AG (Switzerland)
New Courses, Certificates, & Content
New Courses & Content

We have a continually updated site that shares all new courses, certifications, and content we’ve just released. It’s here when you need it – check it out. You will need to log in to the website to access these courses. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any issues logging in.

  • Studer Vista | Console Mixing Certification – This course explores the Studer Vista digital console. Learn how the console work flows by actually carrying out the steps to configure a virtual Vista mixer.
  • JBL Line Array Calculator 3.2 – Feature update video for the Line Array Calculator version 3.1 and 3.2
  • JBL | VTX A8 & B18 – Technical overview of the A8 Line Array and the B18 Subwoofer and how they work with their accessories.
  • Getting to Know | CT Kits – A deeper look at the Connectivity and Transport kits and their all-inclusive 4k60 4:4:4 auto switching, scaling and distance transport solution that includes both the transmitter and receiver.


  • Getting to Know | VPX Presentation Switchers – An overview of the VPX Presentation Switchers and how to successfully integrate them into your systems.
  • Getting to Know | DXLite Series – An overview of the DXLite Series and how to successfully integrate them into your systems.
  • Getting to Know | The New Modero Touch Panels – An overview of the changes to the Modero Touch Panel series including size, feature and mounting options.


We have also launched a new YouTube channel HARMAN Professional University. A brand new channel to host all of HARMAN New Product Information training videos.

Learn about our certifications including: Core CurriculumAudioControl, & Networked AV.
Access our complete Catalog to learn about courses, descriptions, and more.
Classroom Schedules
View the Worldwide Schedule of classroom courses, a summary of the EMEA classroom courses are listed below.

9 January 2019
Get Our New Networked Audio Transport Design Guide
Designing the best networked audio infrastructure for any facility, from a small sanctuary to a large stadium requires a strong understanding of the transport topology available on the market, and the benefits and challenges of each.
At HARMAN, we are dedicated to providing the market with networked audio processors, amplifiers and accessories that support any desired platform. Our new Networked Audio Transport Design Guide offers a comprehensive look at Dante, BLU link, AVB, and CobraNet, discusses the infrastructure requirements needed to support each, including network switch requirements. Learn where and when each topology best serves the needs of the application.
From the Guide
Network Limitations
“With any form of networked  audio, it’s always important to understand the distinction between a device limitation and the network limitation…”
From the Guide
Sound Reinforcement
“It’s important to note that certain applications (such as local sound reinforcement) are more sensitive to latency than others (such as pre-recorded music playback)…”
From the Guide
Transport Methods
“Determining the right transport method depends on many factors, including network capabilities, IT support availability, budget, and more…”
Tottenham Hotspur, London Case Study
Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Football Club Stadium Case Study
Tottenham Hotspur has selected an integrated HARMAN Professional audio solution made up of JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification, and a Soundcraft digital mixing console. Read our case study to learn more about this fantastic installation.

17 January 2019
Visit HARMAN at 2019 Winter NAMM Show
The HARMAN Experience Awaits You
As the Winter NAMM Show gets closer, our excitement to showcase everything we have in store continues to grow. Come join us and see what separates HARMAN Professional from the rest.
See amazing artists in the HARMAN booth
Stop by the HARMAN booth from 24-27 January to experience:
  • The latest products, technologies and solutions from AKG, JBL, Martin, Soundcraft and other brands in our family.
  • In Conversation with cutting edge music creators and producers including Morgan Page, Kenny Holland and Gizzle, hosted by Nic Harcourt.
  • Special appearances by Robby Krieger (The Doors), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), DJ Ashba (Guns N’ Roses), Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down) and Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves).
  • Performances by Bad Wolves, Paramount Academy and Ilana Lorraine.
  • Learn how HARMAN products combine together to provide complete solutions for content creation, studio recording, live sound and more.
  • Step into our vocal booth to hear the difference an AKG mic can make.
  • And much more!
HARMAN’s booth is #14508, located in ACC North Hall—Level 1.